Program Overview

Pinnacle Learning offers a comprehensive set of programs: after school enrichment programs, small group lessons, and summer camps specifically designed for children from K to 5th grade.  In all of these we strive to offer top quality service, effective teaching, and student engagement. We offer students an enriched and immersive learning environment, a modern teaching pedagogy that helps students develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, cognitive and language skills.  Our Chinese/Mandarin Immersion classes are well designed and taught by experienced bilingual teachers.  Assessment will be given upon admission, progress will be measured, and results will be provided regularly.  We want to make sure each student’s goal and parents’ expectations are met.

Students' Goals:

  • Students will be able to apply their language within and beyond the school setting.
  • Students will develop their enthusiasms of learning Mandarin and Chinese culture, traditions, and rituals for their personal enjoyment.
  • Students will be comfortable and confident giving speeches in front of the class.
  • Students will take initial action to create, think, and solve the problems in order to complete the projects given.
  • Students will be able to read and write Chinese characters as well as having conversations in Chinese that were taught in the classroom.
  • Students will need to learn 10 - 15 new words each week based on their grade level and will participate in a monthly Spelling Bee to demonstrate learning.
  • Able to collaborate with others across linguistic and cultural boundaries


 After School Programs:
Chinese Bilingual Enrichment Program

After a day of learning in school, students need to be in a place that provides them with a fun, creative and stimulating learning environment. Our professionally designed bilingual enrichment program is engaging and exciting across multiple subjects such as English, Chinese, Math, and Public Speaking. Students maximize learning through hands-on projects and activities such as games, art & crafts and interesting lab experiments. This enrichment after school programs are designed for students from K to 5th grade.

Teaching includes: 

  • Homework assistance to make sure that students comprehend and complete homework correctly.
  • Incremental learning materials from our center are aligned with SRVUSD curricula to prep students ahead of their classroom teaching.
  • English lessons including reading comprehension, writer’s workshop, grammar, and spelling. weekly assignment, and monthly Spelling Bee contest.
  • Common core math and science instructions and practices are given to solve real world problems individually and within a group setting.
  • Daily Chinese immersion including lessons, projects, group activities, one-on-one activities, Chinese culture, rituals, and traditions.
  • Public speaking in both Chinese and English: Students will practice speaking in front of the class with a microphone, this will build students confidence and extent their communication skills.  Students will also perform in the annual school production to demonstrate learning.

Click Here to see a sample of our Chinese Immersion lessons for beginners.



 Small Group Lessons:

 Our effective Small Group Lessons include Chinese/Mandarin, English Reading Comprehension, Writer's Workshop, Vocabulary, and Grammar; Public Speaking/Presentation, and Common Core Math. These are one hour sessions with up to four children which are taught by language experts and experienced teachers.  The goal of these lessons is to provide an intimate environment that encourages student’s participation, closer observation and analysis of the learning, more opportunities for feedback, and to build team work and collaborative skills.


Summer Camps:

 Summer is a time when children need to let settle in what they learned from a whole school year of learning and doing daily homework.  In the summer, they want to feel free to explore, imagine, and create.  At the same time, they need to have their learning reinforced. At Pinnacle Learning, we offer a variety of fun and exciting camps.  Each week we will discover and explore new themes from Arts & Crafts, Drawing and Painting, Lego and robotic, Learning Games, Music, Chinese traditions and rituals.


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