Our Approach:

At Pinnacle Learning we strive to foster learning and to develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and communication. We understand that today’s children do not want to sit at a desk and listening to a lecture for an hour, or writing the same thing over and over. Our programs are designed to be engaging, fun, stimulating, and interactive to maximize engagement and effective learning.

Recent studies show that learning a second language helps improve IQ, memory, concentration and helps with multi-tasking. Studies even indicate learning a second language has lowered risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Pinnacle Learning offers second language learning programs through Chinese and Spanish immersion classes. Students learn a second language through hands-on practices, exchanging dialogs, games, language immersion, and fun projects and experiments.

In addition, Pinnacle Learning believes that a key part of second language programs, and of being successful in life, is to be able to communicate with those languages. Pinnacle Learning both teaches the languages and has the children communicate using those languages: 1-on-1 to each other, and through public speaking to the whole class. We believe this both reinforces the learning and helps prepare your child for the future when communication becomes a key part of a successful career.

We at Pinnacle Learning also realize that the teacher is a critical part of learning. We seek to recruit the most talented and experienced teachers, and to promote their ongoing professional growth and development to meet the educational needs of your children.

Our Teaching Approach

  • Student centered classroom, inquiry and project based learning
  • Fun interactive learning through hands-on projects & experiments
  • Multiple subjects taught simultaneously and through real life practice
  • Learning through practice by creating and transmit messages
  • Small group to ensure effective learning
  • Encourage students’ participation and through public speaking

Traditional Teaching Approach

  • Teacher centered with lengthy lectures
  • Memorization and repetition
  • Narrow subjects taught in isolation
  • Learning by memorization and study
  • Large group focused
  • Students are passively involved
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