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November News

November 17, 2017

It has been 3 months since our school started, children have had whirlwind fun participating activities, doing experiments as well as arts and crafts.  Children have shown a great interest …

Moon Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival

October 15, 2017

It was Chinese Moon Festival the first week of October (It was August in Chinese Lunar calendar), our Curriculum Designer presented us an interesting and well planned cultural lessons about …

Nature and Volcano

September 2, 2017

This week children participated in the discussion about Nature and Volcano, they learned about earth and volcano, the fun facts about volcano, 3 stages of volcano, effects of volcano and …

Two weeks of fun learning

August 27, 2017

Your child/children had a whirlwind  of fun and getting to know each other in the past two weeks.  they learned to count up to 20 in Chinese, learned a Chinese …

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