About Us:

We're a non-profit organization based in San Ramon, East Bay Area. We realized that parents in the local area have spent significant time searching for a quality school so their children can master a second language, and often after a couple of years of going to different schools, the children still have not learned Chinese proficienciently. Pinnacle Learning was born to solve this problem and to offer an effective teaching methodology to ensure the improved learning and results.

We're the only linguistic school that offers Chinese/Mandarin immersion and Spanish immersion in San Ramon/Pleasanton/ Danville area. As opposed to using a traditional teaching methodology (Lecture centered) that’s based on memorization, Pinnacle Learning’s approach is based on a modern teaching methodology with a student centered classroom. We make learning a foreign language fun and engaging for students through hands on experiences, interactive projects, fun games, speaking in front of the class, and dialog exchanges.

We're passionate about children's education and growth, we believe each child is unique, creative, and talented in their own way, and all children need to succeed and grow to their fullest potentials. Therefore, the teachers and staff at Pinnacle Learning strive to help children succeed academically, socially, and intellectually.

Our school is conveniently located at the beautiful Amador Rancho Community Center in the Rancho Park in San Ramon, across from Bella Vista Elementary School.

Our Mission:

At Pinnacle Learning our mission is your children’s growth and development. We focus on building a strong intellectual foundation, and in developing critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, so children can accelerate in the future.

Our beliefs:

We believe that:
  1. Each child is unique, creative, and talented in their own way
  2. The human brain has great potential and that potential should be unlocked as early as possible
  3. Learning multiple languages is a critical way to help unlock that potential
  4. Using modern techniques and methodology to teach communication and to build strong fundamentals will help children accelerate at school
  5. Learning a second language will benefit children for life and enhance their academic performance through cultural awareness, increased IQ and increased confidence
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